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NEX Index Components to start Q4 2017. 97 stocks.

The WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX) rebalances quarterly on the last trading day of March, June, September and December.

Calculation Method Modified Equal Weighted
Component Change - Rebalance

Ballard Power Systems Inc Canada BBG001S5Y1D1 0.38% ECV CAD
Plug Power Inc United States BBG001S6GJB2 0.38% ECV USD
Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Green Property Switzerland BBG001T0GW25 0.52% EEF CHF
Caverion Corp Finland BBG0045X2484 0.52% EEF EUR
Everlight Electronics Co Ltd Taiwan BBG001SDGH49 0.52% EEF TWD
Ricardo PLC Britain BBG001S63214 0.52% EEF GBp
Wasion Group Holdings Ltd Hong Kong BBG001SK4JV2 0.52% EEF HKD
Dialight PLC Britain BBG001S7J545 0.52% EEF GBp
Ameresco Inc United States BBG001S6P9W1 0.52% EEF USD
Odelic Co Ltd Japan BBG001S77C61 0.52% EEF JPY
Kandi Technologies Group Inc China BBG001SR6D11 0.52% EEF USD
LSI Industries Inc United States BBG001S5SXV8 0.52% EEF USD
China Titans Energy Technology Group Co Ltd China BBG001T8QPC1 0.52% EEF HKD
Tanaka Chemical Corp Japan BBG001S8RNM5 0.50% ENS JPY
Maxwell Technologies Inc United States BBG001S5TH33 0.50% ENS USD
Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Cayman Co Ltd Taiwan BBG001ST5W52 0.50% ENS TWD
CropEnergies AG Germany BBG001SQM8W2 0.28% RBB EUR
VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG Germany BBG001SQC9P9 0.28% RBB EUR
Albioma SA France BBG001SHV6B9 0.28% RBB EUR
Renewable Energy Group Inc United States BBG001TCLTH4 0.28% RBB USD
eRex Co Ltd Japan BBG001TVF5F3 0.28% RBB JPY
GCP Infrastructure Investments Ltd Jersey BBG001SNPY59 0.35% RSR GBp
Capital Stage AG Germany BBG001SJ5FH8 0.35% RSR EUR
Sunrun Inc United States BBG0025XVR94 0.35% RSR USD
SPCG PCL Thailand BBG001SJ85R6 0.35% RSR THB
Vivint Solar Inc United States BBG005XKJLG3 0.35% RSR USD
Gigasolar Materials Corp Taiwan BBG001T5RDD2 0.35% RSR TWD
Neo Solar Power Corp Taiwan BBG001SQKB02 0.35% RSR TWD
Motech Industries Inc Taiwan BBG001SLF0L0 0.35% RSR TWD
REC Silicon ASA United States BBG001SCCZ54 0.35% RSR NOK
China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Ltd Hong Kong BBG001SS8XS4 0.35% RSR HKD
JA Solar Holdings Co Ltd China BBG001SSK3M2 0.35% RSR USD
Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd China BBG001V3N6X1 0.35% RSR HKD
West Holdings Corp Japan BBG001SQG555 0.35% RSR JPY
Greencoat UK Wind PLC/Funds Britain BBG0043PV6T3 0.52% RWD GBp
TPI Composites Inc United States BBG001TCHC68 0.52% RWD USD
China Power New Energy Development Co Ltd Hong Kong BBG00H5FX4Z0 0.52% RWD HKD
Tesla Motors Inc United States BBG001SQKGD7 1.82% EEF USD
Universal Display Corp United States BBG001S5V9H3 1.82% EEF USD
Acuity Brands Inc United States BBG001SBG656 1.82% EEF USD
OSRAM Licht AG Germany BBG00423N0N1 1.82% EEF EUR
Philips Lighting NV Netherlands BBG00CTZ9L08 1.82% EEF EUR
Kingspan Group PLC Ireland BBG001S79957 1.82% EEF EUR
Itron Inc United States BBG001S6DJQ9 1.82% EEF USD
Nibe Industrier AB Sweden BBG001SB1HB1 1.82% EEF SEK
Cree Inc United States BBG001S6YWT4 1.82% EEF USD
Epistar Corp Taiwan BBG001SFXK11 1.82% EEF TWD
Veeco Instruments Inc United States BBG001S5X6T4 1.82% EEF USD
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc United States BBG0044K5DN3 1.82% EEF USD
Meidensha Corp Japan BBG001S6FMS8 1.82% EEF JPY
Byd Co Ltd China BBG001SBM3X5 1.75% ENS HKD
GS Yuasa Corp Japan BBG001SHJ5V3 1.75% ENS JPY
FDG Electric Vehicles Ltd Hong Kong BBG001S6WCF5 1.75% ENS HKD
Novozymes A/S Denmark BBG001SB30G1 0.97% RBB DKK
China Everbright International Ltd Hong Kong BBG001S6J2N3 0.97% RBB HKD
Energy Absolute PCL Thailand BBG001T1LS99 0.97% RBB THB
Green Plains Inc United States BBG001SPVM17 0.97% RBB USD
Drax Group PLC Britain BBG001SM53B4 0.97% RBB GBp
Takuma Co Ltd Japan BBG001S6FH18 0.97% RBB JPY
Canvest Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd Hong Kong BBG007QS3HZ5 0.97% RBB HKD
Ormat Technologies Inc United States BBG001S9LPW3 0.78% ROH USD
Contact Energy Ltd New Zealand BBG001S673F3 0.78% ROH NZD
Energy Development Corp Philippines BBG001SCX4L2 0.78% ROH PHP
Verbund AG Austria BBG001S6PP55 0.78% ROH EUR
Mercury NZ Ltd New Zealand BBG001S7S6T6 0.78% ROH NZD
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc Canada BBG001SC4WP8 0.78% ROH CAD
First Solar Inc United States BBG001S991Z7 1.21% RSR USD
Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd China BBG001XVDJ24 1.21% RSR HKD
SunPower Corp United States BBG001SN52J6 1.21% RSR USD
JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd China BBG001SF91V7 0.35% RSR USD
SolarEdge Technologies Inc Israel BBG0084BC0P2 1.21% RSR USD
Sino-American Silicon Products Inc Taiwan BBG001SDV3P0 1.21% RSR TWD
Canadian Solar Inc Canada BBG001SPNJT3 1.21% RSR USD
GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd Hong Kong BBG001SRS4V4 1.21% RSR HKD
Atlantica Yield plc Spain BBG0068Q7725 1.21% RSR USD
Superblock PCL Thailand BBG001SND4S3 1.21% RSR THB
Meyer Burger Technology AG Switzerland BBG001SNLYV4 1.21% RSR CHF
SMA Solar Technology AG Germany BBG001SB2ZV8 1.21% RSR EUR
TerraForm Power Inc United States BBG006KY8KW1 1.21% RSR USD
United Photovoltaics Group Ltd Hong Kong BBG001SF4B68 1.21% RSR HKD
Vestas Wind Systems A/S Denmark BBG001S7TVH3 1.81% RWD DKK
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SA Spain BBG001S9PPY7 1.81% RWD EUR
DONG Energy A/S Denmark BBG001S7BMJ0 1.81% RWD DKK
NRG Yield Inc United States BBG008LJ4TG2 1.81% RWD USD
China Longyuan Power Group Corp Ltd China BBG001T5G8L6 1.81% RWD HKD
Huaneng Renewables Corp Ltd China BBG001TG4D25 1.81% RWD HKD
TransAlta Renewables Inc Canada BBG004RXCMH9 1.81% RWD CAD
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co Ltd China BBG001T5HY56 1.81% RWD HKD
EDP Renovaveis SA Spain BBG001SM5LL3 1.81% RWD EUR
Pattern Energy Group Inc United States BBG004Z4HFF6 1.81% RWD USD
Nordex SE Germany BBG001SD31B0 1.81% RWD EUR
Boralex Inc Canada BBG001S5Y1Q7 1.81% RWD CAD
China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co Ltd Hong Kong BBG001SP3383 1.81% RWD HKD
Saeta Yield SA Spain BBG007XG1W91 1.81% RWD EUR
Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd/The Guernsey BBG004TMT456 1.81% RWD GBp

2 Additions

Company Name Country WilderHill New Energy Finance Sector
JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd China RSR

4 Removals

Company Name Country WilderHill New Energy Finance Sector
Silver Spring Networks Inc UNITED STATES EEF
Akenerji Elektrik Uretim AS TURKEY ROH
Sao Martinho SA BRAZIL RBB

Sector Weights

Key Sectors Index Sector Weights
- To Start Q4 2017*
ECV Energy Conversion 1.14%
EEF Energy Efficiency 29.36%
ENS Energy Storage 6.75%
RBB Renewables - Biofuels & Biomass 8.21%
ROH Renewables - Other 4.68%
RSR Renewable - Solar 20.5%
RWD Renewable - Wind 29.28%

*NEX Sector Weights are based on a regularly-performed survey of market capitalizations of companies that are active in New Energy and that are quoted on non-OTC exchanges. The results are adjusted for several factors including exposure to New Energy and some exchange restrictions particularly limiting investability. If the results were not adjusted, the sector numbers would be significantly different.

Going into Q3 2017, this survey took into account more than 650 companies.

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